Blockchain`s first MMORPG with Move2Eran Integration.

An mmorpg at the intersection of gamefi, move2earn, and play2earn. Accessible to all gamers, regardless of web3 experience.

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Surrender to the allure of the unknown as you embark on a transformative MMORPG AI Integration journey.


Discover The Outlanders


Step into The Outlanders, a realm of magic, and mystery.

This magnificent MMORPG empowers you to wield any weapon of your choosing, as you navigate the perilous landscapes and mythical creatures that dwell within. With the integration of blockchain technology, you can truly own your in-game assets and earn real rewards. Connect with fellow players, explore uncharted territories, and shape your destiny in this immersive world. The Outlanders is not just a game; it`s an opportunity to forge your own legacy. Embark on your adventure today and let your tale of bravery unfold in The Outlanders!

Outlanders, the medieval MMORPG, transports you to a realm of enchantment and adventure.

Prepare to be spellbound as our AI-infused world brings fantastical NPCs and ever-evolving quests to life.

Enchanted NPCs

In Outlanders, our sorcery-infused NPCs are no ordinary characters. With their mystical AI algorithms, they possess minds of their own, engaging you in captivating conversations and reacting to your every move. Witness their magical responses as they adapt to your gameplay, breathing life into the realm like never before.

Quests of Destiny

Bid farewell to mundane missions of yore! In Outlanders, quests are as fluid as a shape-shifting dragon. They twist and turn, influenced by your choices and progress, ensuring an exhilarating adventure tailored to your heroic exploits. Prepare for an epic journey filled with personalized challenges that will keep you on the edge of your trusty steed.

Step into the Medieval Age of Outlanders, where AI sorcery enchants every aspect of your gaming odyssey.

From immersive encounters with mystical NPCs to quests that evolve with your very soul, our realm awaits your valorous presence. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable medieval escapade where AI reigns supreme? Join us now and be part of the gaming legend!

Welcome to Farworld

Farworld has many great knights. But the number of talents was not enough to meet the demands of King Arthur, the warrior king. To recruit troops and declare mighty against the enemy So he thinks it`s not fair to search for knights only in Farworld ...

Outlanders is an immersive game where expertise points are earned through diverse activities like crafting, collecting items, and hunting treasures.

Unlike other games, it defies traditional class systems, allowing players to freely choose their roles within a single character. Equip yourself with any tools you desire, breaking the limitations of weapon restrictions. Explore boundless possibilities, embracing your individuality, and honing your skills for an electrifying adventure. Outlanders rewards dedication and expertise with a personalized, exciting gameplay experience. Discover, conquer, and become a formidable force in this dynamic world.


Game Mode


Play-to-earn functionalities

Players can transform their experience into a lucrative play-to-earn environment by holding tokens when entering conquests and battles.

No blockchain experience needed

Compete against other gamers worldwide. No blockchain experience needed. Start immediately and connect your wallet to unlock assets later.

Immerse yourself in the Outlanders metaverse

An open-world MMORPG which integrates valuable in-game NFTs. Start earning immediately and connect your wallet later to unlock assets.

Dual token Functionality

Both NAKA ↗ and LAND tokens hold important roles within the Outlanders Metaverse.

What is $LAND?

Holding NAKA in your Web3 wallet allows players to immediately start earning.

Both NAKA and LAND tokens hold important roles within the Outlanders Metaverse.

Any assets within the game can be sold on an open marketplace for LAND tokens.

Land tokens also allow players to form guilds and govern their guilds in a decentralized manner.

Binance Smart Chian

Our token “LAND” is your way to discover and access the Outlanders & Naka ecosystem.

Earm Land

Unleash your spirit, embrace limitless adventures with us!

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Immerse yourself in the Outlanders metaverse

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