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An MMORPG at the intersection of GameFi, Move2Earn, and Play2Earn. Accessible to all gamers, regardless of Web3 experience.

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Farworld has many great knights. But the number of talents was not enough to meet the demands of King Arthur, the warrior king. To recruit troops and declare mighty against the enemy So he thinks it`s not fair to search for knights only in Farworld ...


The Warrior King resides in Camelot Castle, surrounded by an army of knights. Even though there are the knights of the Round Table, The surviving elite knights of the Dragon War attempt to unite Farworld together. The king still needs a large number of new holy knights to fight the armies of Darkness. According to a prophecy of an old stone carving on Avalon Island...


Mentor of King Arthur, the most powerful and famous witch in the Farworld with powerful magic and mysterious origins. Thanks for her ability to travel through time and dimensions, all of her prophecies came true - she confirmed an ancient Avalon prophecy about future disasters. Merlin was ordered by King Arthur to summon otherworldly heroes to Battleland for the... Read More





Nowadays, there are countless numbers of different battle royale games. Battle royale is one of a video game genres that blends gameplay of survival, exploration and scavenging elements to find the last man standing. Nakamoto Games as a game developer is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind, ultimate epic battle royale. With our desire to reach a wide range of players of all ages, players are not required to download the game on their devices. It’s a browser-based game (webgl game) and with this, let us introduce you to ‘Outlander Survive’.

Battle medieval themed

Outlander Survive is a medieval themed game. It’s a perfect combination of Action RPG with wide arrays of weapons, swords, axes, spears and bows. Together with a high level touch of fantasy like magic skills, various buffs and enemies from the game story besides other players. We include monsters and challenging big bosses that will never fail to surprise players.

battle royale game with a “story”

through the gimmicks and smoothly described gameplay. Players are able to create a world in the game called Farworld, the origin of the battle (knights selections of King Arthur) and goals that players push themselves to be the top knight. Outlander Survive tells the story of the beginning of an adventure that will continue to grow to greater heights. It paves the way for their next game project, transformed to a larger scale in the form of an MMO RPG game.

Players start with selecting one of the 15 Battleland landmarks. The gameplay begins with a survival game. Beginners have to find items to increase their abilities from a treasure trunk/box or scavenging monsters or bosses in order to drop items.



Outlanders is an MMORPG that allows players to compete in an adventure-based gameplay environment where they can compete conquests and battle players to tap into lucrative earning opportunities.

Players can take control of territories by constantly beating fellow competitors and monsters. Every combatant beaten provides a unique crypto asset drop.

Outlanders leverages cutting-edge tech to provide gamers worldwide with access to a sublime play-to-earn experience.

Immerse yourself in the

Outlanders Metaverse

No Blockchain Experience Needed


An open-world MMORPG which integrates valuable in-game NFTs. Start earning immediately and connect your wallet later to unlock assets.


With no beginning or end, this is a new type of play-to-earn. Any gamer worldwide can immerse themselves in the environment and immediately start earning by completing conquests and conquering in-game monsters.


Completely customizable characters. Everybody starts with the same valueless items and can build their characters through acquiring valuable in-game items and NFTs


Interact and trade in a game-wide economy and coordinate individual transactions and deals with other players


Combat and compete against other players to fight for their in-game items.


Conquer monsters to retrieve valuable in-game assets


Participate in regular in-game events and initiatives to earn LAND tokens


Players can raise and ride animals to increase their effectiveness in the game and potential earnings


Form guilds with other players to hunt monsters as part of a team. Share rewards amongst the team and battle other guilds to compete for their in-game items.


Use guilds and assets to take control of in-game territories. Keep battling to stay on the frontier of land acquisition. Defend your land against other players.


Key Features

No Blockchain Experience Needed

Compete against other gamers worldwide. No blockchain experience needed. Start immediately and connect your wallet to unlock assets later.

Blockchain Powered

Underpinned by the BNBChain, The Outlanders offers a decentralized gaming environment where gamers who connect their wallets wholly control their assets and experience.

Freely Accessible

All gamers start with the same valueless items and can level up their value by completing conquests and conquering in-game monsters. Every monster or player conquered leads to a unique in-game asset drop.

Play-to-earn functionalities

Players can transform their experience into a lucrative play-to-earn environment by holding tokens when entering conquests and battles.

NFTs and in-game assets

The gameplay environment integrates NFTs and valuable in-game assets that can be acquired through conquering fellow competitors and monsters and freely traded in an open marketplace.

Vibrant economy

Players who connect their wallet can list their items on an open marketplace.

Form Guilds

Players can freely form guilds and collaborations with other players within the environment.

Acquire Territories

Players can acquire territories by battling other players and monsters. Battle in guilds or individually. Other players will also try to take over your territories.



Both NAKA and LAND tokens hold important roles within the Outlanders Metaverse.

Holding NAKA in your Web3 wallet allows players to immediately start earning.

Any assets within the game can be sold on an open marketplace for LAND tokens.

Land tokens also allow players to form guilds and govern their guilds in a decentralized manner.


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